Halo Time.

13 02 2012

Some of my Basic work, and a link at the bottom to my Decal Dump on Blockland Forum.

They are all ok to use, and are all trasnparent background .pngs

Halo Recon with MagnumHalo 3 Scout at Ease

EOD with Spartan LaserEVA Shotgun

Master ChiefReach Recon with Sniper

I will post more as I see fit.

Blockland Decal Dump


25 12 2011

Finally got back on here, after realizing that many things I have to add, including my relatively new YouTube account, and several other things.

Blockland Edited Screenshots :D

28 08 2011

Blockland Edited Screenshots 😀


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Welcome Back Self!

28 08 2011

After a long and enduring summer of nothingness i decided to get up and actually update this Blog… I have a crapton of stuff to Update! Be on your toes for Game updates, The latest and Greatest Screenshots, and More Writing!

Book Ideas

21 01 2011

Please comment below for me on possible book ideas that I could write. I suspect you all have seen “Titans Glory” so you know what I am possible of doing. Thanks,


Titans Glory(IncompleteBook)

21 01 2011


The Gauss slug slammed into the cockpit of the Thor, shattering the ferioglass and shredding the pilot. The titan let out a metallic screech as its legs grind-ed to a halt. Slowly fell to its knees, never to rise again.

The Madcat was the next to fall, stumbling as the pulsing arc of lightning barreled into its back. Still defiant to the end, it twisted its torso to where it could launch its missiles into the approaching Atlas. The missiles slammed into the Atlas’s torso, raining shards of heated armor onto the ground. With a quick movement, the metal fist from the giants arm pounded into the Madcat’s canopy and center torso. The battle worn armor crumpled as the titanium fingers smashed into it, destroying what was left of the reactor shielding. The Atlas backpedaled to get away from the glowing destruction. Within seconds of the initial blow, the reactor succumbed to the forces it had been keeping at bay, infusing with the core as flaring hot plasma and raw heat exploded in such a fashion that it would scar the ground underneath it for ages to come.

The Atlas stood, scanning the battlefield for another worthy opponent. Another challenger approached the Atlas, another Mad dog from the hoarding legions of the Clan Jade Falcon. The Atlas’s pilot simply shook his head in disgust as he charged into the next fight for his life, but as always, he would charge into battle with a battle worn crest above his head, the crest of House Davion.

Any other pilot would spit at the Atlas’s pilot because of his dishonorable ways. I don’t think that he’s all that bad of a pilot.

After all, I am that pilot.

Yesterday’s Franchise

May 15th, 3121

Prefecture VI

Tigress system

One who follows the ways of the warrior is the warrior, no matter what the false man says”

Ancient Terran Proverb

The alarm blared at Donovan in the middle of his small sleep time, signaling that it was time for the days work to begin. Donovan groaned as he rolled off the bed and onto the floor. He quickly got up grabbed a spare pair of jeans and stumbled into the shower. He slowly let the warm water ware away the tension in his muscles, uniquely aware of a grumbling sound in his stomach. He quickly got dressed and shaved the rebellious stubble off his chin.

After the shower was over, Donovan walked into the small room that served both as a kitchen and a dining room. Tatiana was already up, wandering in and out of the room and sipping the sorry excuse for coffee that was served here. She was a fellow co-worker, the daughter of a man who owned a small station in the orbit of this planet. But with all the payments he had to keep the place running, he had sent all his children to work profitable jobs on Tigress.

The small shipping business here had small accommodations for all its workers, especially Donovan. He had come there only weeks before, looking for something that would have some action but at the same time be profitable. The republic’s knights don’t get paid, Donovan thought. The small job he had owned was hardly enough for him and his fiance to live on, let alone to thrive.

He had figured that with his salary and her bonus’s that they would be able to purchase an affordable house in the Basalt system. He had only earned about 2,000 C bills when Carol asked to move to Basalt. She had come from a medium sized family of five, with a sister and a brother as siblings. When she met Donovan, he was a construction worker in the Achemar system.

The shipping business was not going well lately, with all the recent layoffs. Donovan thought that he would surely be canned, but when the mail man dispensed the forms, Donovan didn’t get one. But still, He thought, I’m the best they got for the machines.

Donovan had always,as a child, dreamed about being a mechwarrior. He watched the Solaris matches with enthusiasm. Once, as a young boy, He got to see Devlin Stone live at a Holoconference. At school, Donovan had always been caught drawling a mech on his homework and written tests.

Donovan abruptly snapped back into reality, realizing that his dreams had come true, but not in the way you would think. He walked down to the table and grabbed the bacon and a few eggs. “Good morning Donovan,” Tatiana said, “hope you enjoy the coffee.” “Thanks, T.” Tatiana was nicknamed “T” because all the cargo jocks called her that so the name stuck.

T was one of Donovan’s close friends, but she was very closed to people. Donovan had met her and

Complex Beauty

21 01 2011

Complex Beauty


The fragile rose, beauty unmatched

Sweet lush smell of the center, surrounds the bud

Glossy exterior shines with the light, a wondrous sight

Small leaves bush the other buds of the plant


Curved points protect the essence inside

Almost pushing reality away, keeping to its own

A whole different world, enclosed in the flower

The deep green color of the stem emanates strength


The soft red leaves cover the delicate center, laden with pollen

The small specks of yellow that will cultivate another bush

The insect, searching for the nectar inside, digs deeper


And underground, in the brown soil, lays the heart of the plant

The auburn roots reach far beneath the earth, grasping for the nutrients

The spiraling roots soak up the water, depleting the ground


Soon the keeper cuts the bud off, parting it forever

The bud is hurriedly placed in a glass of water, deluding the effects of the cut

But still, the Rose stands, a slight droop in its posture


Days pass, the Rose seems to slowly melt away

Leaves fall off, one by one

The first petal falls, marking the deathbed of a once beautiful plant


The stem shrivels, the petals all fall

A Rose, brown with age and dehydration

Thrown out, as only trash could be


To be regained by the earth, giving new life

But as the time passes, a new bud springs up to replace what was lost by the plant

Life begins, anew


By: Matthew Cunningham